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Kenko Academy



About Us

KENKO Reflexology & Wellness Spa is established in 1991. Today, KENKO has a number of branches in Singapore and South East Asia. We are also well-known in Singapore as the best service providers of Foot Reflexology and Spa.

KENKO Academy was appointed by Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) since 2007 to offer training for the Spa sector under the Tourism Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ). KENKO Academy works to enrich the journey of each and every individual learner through total training and aims to achieve the top best Spa and Wellness training center in Singapore as well as international. KENKO Academy also aims to inspire and share its expertise and skills in wellness operation, management, education and promote the benefits of Tourism, Wellness, Foot reflexology and Spa treatments to the general public as well as corporate segment.


The Vision

To be the top leader in the wellness Spa training of choice, offering a variety range of excellent trainings with quality assured, to enhance a state of well-being and empower our clients’ human capital through the use of learning methodologies and technologies.



Fostering interest and facilitates learners to develop a positive culture which focused on celebrating continuously learning, improving the quality of care and life, exceeding their career goals by offering existing, excellent training by experts using innovate training method and modern equipment.


Core Values

Team work
Kenko Academy believe the synergy of an effective team allows them to achieve much more that what they can individual achieve

Kenko Academy strive to set the standard for professionalism in the SPA industry through their conduct, pursuit of high service standards to clients and the knowledge bring to bear in their work

Kenko Academy is committed to their mission, vision and set goal, and believe that though their commitment and dedication, they can overcome all obstacles.

Nurturing and caring
Kenko Academy believe all individuals have the ability to reach their full potential professionally and socially. They will strive to nature their wards and help them develop their strengths as individuals and team. They will strike to create a caring environment at work and a at play and take care of other’s need at all times.

Kenko academy always maintain creative, innovative, personal and professional development though quality training