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Complaint Handling Policy


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2 January 2021

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Guidelines for implementation of the policy


Stakeholders of the centre are encouraged to communicate their concerns to centre management, in the first instance, and if not satisfactorily resolved, escalate the concern to a formal complaint. This policy relates to all complaints raised by centre stakeholders except for complaints raised by students relating to an assessment decision which is dealt separately under the Student Appeals policy. Concerns and complaints will be dealt with in an appropriate and sensitive manner and in accordance with the relevant documented procedures. This policy is version controlled and will be reviewed every three years.



Centre concerns & complaints procedure Stage 1 – Informal


If a student has a concern or complaint relating to their learning experience, including any specific concerns about the provision of a course or a programme of study, or a related academic service, the matter should be raised initially with the student’s tutor, programme leader or appropriate student representative or Student Services. The complaint should be raised orally in the first instance, although the complainant may be requested to put this in writing. If the complaint relates to one of the aforementioned who would normally deal with a complaint at this stage, e.g. the student’s tutor, the complaint should be referred to the appropriate line manager of the person in question.


The person first approached will attempt to resolve the complaint informally. He/she shall enquire into the complaint and will discuss it with the complainant.


If that person feels that the complaint should be dealt with formally, the complainant should escalate the process to Stage 2.


In both cases the person first approached should advise the complainant of their decision within 7 working days after the complaint is received. The decision will normally be communicated to the complainant orally. If the complainant does not find the decision acceptable, they may request that the person approached provide their decision in writing.


If, upon receipt of the written decision, the complainant is still dissatisfied with the decision, they may progress the complaint to Stage 2 within five working days.



Stage 2 – Formal


If the complaint has not been resolved at Stage 1, the complainant may refer the complaint to the appropriate line manager in writing.


The line manager will within ten working days of receipt of the written complaint arrange a meeting to which all parties of the complaint will be invited to attend.


The line manager will have the right to ask questions of the parties in attendance.


The line manager will consider all the matters and evidence raised at the meeting and will issue a written decision within five working days to all the parties.



Stage 3 – Final decision


If the complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant at Stage 2, the complaint may be submitted, in writing to the Principal or CEO within five working days of receipt of the decision reached at Stage 2.


The Principal or CEO will consider the complaint and may be supplied with all the documentation submitted in relation to the earlier stages of the procedure. The Principal has the right to interview the complainant and other parties concerned in the matter.


The Principal or CEO will issue and send to all parties copies of a written decision within ten working days of receiving the complaint in writing. This decision is final and completes the complaints procedure.