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Appeals Policy


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2 January 2021

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Maxim Kang





This policy, together with its associated procedures, provides an appeals procedure to ensure that this Centre’s policies and procedures are applied appropriately, fairly and consistently to all students.



Policy Statement


This Centre will allow any student the right to appeal against assessment decisions under a formal procedure. The policy is version controlled.



Appeals Procedure


A candidate who has achieved competence and demonstrated the level of knowledge and understanding as defined by an Awarding Body cannot have it taken away from them. However, should a candidate disagree with the assessment given, including grades allocated, then they should follow the procedure outlined below.



Stage One


The candidate should appeal in writing to the assessor within one week of the assessment decision outlining the exact reasons why they feel aggrieved. A written reply must be given by the assessor explaining their assessment decision within one week of receiving the appeal from the candidate.


If the candidate is not satisfied with the response from the assessor then:



Stage Two


The candidate should contact the Internal Verifier of the qualification within one week of the assessor’s response. The Internal Verifier will review the assessor’s decision and the candidate’s evidence. The Internal Verifier will give a written response to the candidate within one week of receiving the request from the candidate.


If the candidate is not satisfied with the response from the Internal Verifier then:



Stage Three


An appeal panel will meet within three weeks and review all the evidence provided in stages 1 and 2 above and provide a written decision for the candidate, the assessor and internal verifier. The decision of this panel is final.


The membership of the appeal panel will be:


  • An assessor from a different course team
  • The Internal Verifier from Stage Two
  • The original assessor
  • Management member (Principle, Director, Head of School, etc) of the Centre
  • The candidate raising the appeal


All the evidence and responses from the above first two stages must be available at the panel meeting.


The Internal Verifier should keep a record of these responses and minutes of the appeal panel meeting in their file to make available to the Awarding Body if requested.



Stage Four


If the candidate is still not satisfied, he or she may appeal to the awarding body, provided Stage 1, 2 and 3 have been completed. This should be in writing within one week of decision made by the appeal panel. The address of the Awarding Body for communication will be issued upon request.