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New Kenko Training Hub

Kenko Academy is pleased to announce the opening of our new educational facility: Kenko Training Hub. Located on the third floor of Marina Square, it remains accessible to most of Singapore while at the same time keeping away from bustling shoppers and busy office workers out on their breaks. You can easily access the Training hub by going up the north facing escalator at the 2nd floor Marina Square central atrium (Facing the giant TV screen).

The new Training Hub consists of 2 futuristic classrooms equipped with the technology required to conduct classes of all sorts, including multimedia projectors and LCD TV screens to further project slides or other information to the students. It is also decked-out with lightweight tables and chairs or mobile tables equipped with castor wheels that can be moved around to suit different modes of learning.

Next to the classrooms, it also features 2 modern cooking studios equipped with brand new ovens, mixers, refrigerators and kitchen tables created for our baking and culinary courses. The cooking studios are also fitted with movable components which allows teachers to modify its layout to suit different teaching needs. One of the 2 cooking studios is equipped with a sliding panel that allows a neighboring classroom to merge with it, allowing for each room to expand and give way to many more usage possibilities.

On top of educational purposes, our Training Hub is also designed to be an event space where events such as cooking competitions and live broadcasting can easily be accommodated. Each class space has a capacity of 20 students, excluding teaching staff, and adheres to social distancing rules in ordinance to COVID-19 protocols and safety measures.

Lastly, the Training Hub is fronted by its very own cafe to cater to the students spending long hours on the premises, however it is also open to the public. Customers are welcome to buy coffee products, meals, snacks and even frozen foods from the cafe or to even relax at one of the tables while waiting.

We are very proud to announce this latest offering from Kenko Academy and with many more events and courses on the horizon we hope to see you at the Training Hub soon!

*Classrooms and cooking studios are available for rental. For rates or other enquiries, please contact us at academy@kenko.com.sg.