Kenko Academy, established by the renowned Kenko Wellness in 2007, actively engages in professional development. It offers an extensive range of courses in Wellness, F&B Management, Digital Marketing, and Design. Leveraging Kenko Wellness’s leadership since 1991 in foot reflexology and spa services in Singapore, the Academy commits to enhancing lifelong learning. Moreover, it aims to empower students with essential skills for their career success, ensuring they are well-prepared for the industry’s demands.




Our Mission

Kenko Academy commits to nurturing a dynamic culture of continuous learning, motivating students to exceed their goals. Our mission is to empower students to discover and refine new skills in various professional fields, fostering their career advancement.

Our Vision

Kenko Academy strives to be Singapore’s foremost training institute in professional development, we are dedicated to maintaining high standards ensuring each course equips students for success in their careers.

Our Core Values

  • At Kenko Academy, we prioritize professional excellence and adhere to a strict ethical code, maintaining high service standards.
  • We value teamwork, acknowledging that our collective effort leads to greater successes.
  • We are dedicated to maximizing our students’ potential, providing a supportive and enriching environment for their growth in professional competencies.
  • We remain steadfast in our mission and vision, confident that our commitment to professional development will help us overcome any obstacles.
  • We advocate for creativity and innovation, focusing on holistic growth through our proven educational methodologies.
  • These adjustments highlight the emphasis on professional development while maintaining grammatical accuracy and clarity.